Special Inspection and Construction Administration

DESI provides Construction Administration and Construction Management (CA/CM), as well as Construction Inspection services to clients to ensure that the construction activities performed by the contractor are accomplished on time and within allocated budget, meeting the requirements of the design specifications and adhering to the applicable laws and regulations. Our qualified staff with diverse construction experience and knowledge review project drawings and specifications, schedule and fee estimates, and applicable laws and health and safety requirements to get familiarized with the project scope, budget, and requirements. We are also able to identify potential risks and rewards and make necessary recommendations to reduce risks. Our CA/CM staff serve as a liaison between the owner, designer, and contractor.

DESI has supported contractors and consulting firms in managing the infrastructure and building construction process from design, procurement, and construction through closeout and have provided qualified individuals in key positions such as project engineers, environmental managers, field engineers, QA/QC and Safety. DESI projects have ranged in size from small to multi-million.

DESI is NYC DOB approved and A2LA accredited (Certificate No. 4048.01) Class I- Special Inspection Agency operating in compliance with ASTM E329 and ISO 17020 standards. DESI provides the design/planning/construction team and the owner with critical information required to ensure the quality of the construction and code compliance using certified professionals with expertise in construction materials and testing. When QA/QC services are correctly planned and implemented, they can protect all involved parties from costly mistakes, accelerate the construction process, and reduce future maintenance costs. DESI provides full-service construction material testing and consulting services utilizing accredited laboratories. DESI’s concrete and soil laboratories are accredited by AASHTO CCRL and AMRL.

DESI is prequalified/approved by several NY City and State Agencies and is providing engineering services on projects for NYCDDC, NYC DEP, NYSCA, NYCHA, NYC EDC; NYC DOT, DASNY, NYSDOL, PANYNJ, MTA Capital Constructions, MTA NYCT, MTA Metro-North, MTA LIRR; NJ Turnpike Authority, NJ DOT, NJ SDA, etc.

We provide broad Special Inspection and Construction Administration services in the following areas:

  • Construction Oversight
  • Engineering Support
  • Pre-Construction Survey
  • Review of bid documents and qualifications
  • Construction Specification
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Management
  • Verification of on-site health and safety measures
  • Project coordination and Tracking
  • Construction Inspection
  • Structural Cold-formed Steel
  • Structural Steel – Erection & High-Strength Bolting
  • Structural Stability – Existing Building
  • Welding: Steel, High pressure Steam Piping, High pressure Gas Piping
  • Concrete – Cast-in-place, Precast & Pre-stressed
  • Concrete Lab Testing
  • On site Storm water drain. Disp./Detent install (drywell)
  • Masonry & Chimney
  • Wall panels, curtain walls, and veneers
  • Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Soils – Site Preparation Fill Placement, In-place Density
  • Pile Foundations and Drilled Pier Installation
  • Underpinning, Pier Foundations
  • Excavation – Sheeting, Shoring and Bracing
  • Soil Percolation Testing for storm water system (drywell)
  • Percolation Testing for private sewage disp. (septic)
  • Seismic Isolation Systems
  • Non-Destructive Testing of Structural Steel
  • Rock Anchor and Bolt Testing
  • Fire Proofing & Fire Stopping
  • Static and Dynamic Load Testing
  • Pile Integrity Testing
  • Soil Testing (Gradation, Atterberg Limits, Proctor, Consolidation, etc.)
  • Soil Nails and Anchors
  • Sprayed Fire-resistant Materials
  • Heating, Sprinkler, & Standpipe Systems
  • Mechanical demolition
  • Mechanical & Smoke Control Systems
  • Fuel Oil Storage & Fuel Oil Piping Systems
  • Energy Code Compliance

MTA-CC/NYCT – Subway 7 Line Extension-Site K and L, Manhattan, NY

Metropolitan Transportation Authority / New York City Transit had undertaken an infrastructure redevelopment plan for NYC to improve the subway system along the west side of Manhattan. CCA-Halmar JV and Scalamandre Oliveira JV were contracted for the construction of a Ventilation Building Facilities (Site L and K) and reconstruction of 11th Avenue between West 35th and 36th Streets (Site K). DESI provided construction inspection services for support of excavation construction, tie-back anchor testing, rebar, grout and mortar, and concrete inspections; foundation subgrade verification, fill placement, firestopping, steel bolting, and seismic clips inspection; building exterior wall and veneer, pressure grouting, steel welding, steel fabrication facility inspections, and etc. Furthermore DESI performed pre- and post-construction surveys, vibration, air, and noise monitoring, and environmental management.

LIRR – East Side Access 55th Street Ventilation Facility; Madison Yards, Manhattan, Harold Interlocking in Queens

MTA/New York City Transit has undertaken infrastructure redevelopment to improve the East Side Access Line along the east side of Manhattan. Schiavone Construction Company and John P. Picone Inc. JV (SCC-JPP) was contracted for construction of a Ventilation Building Structure and reconstruction of 55th Street between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue and Gramercy Group Inc. was contracted for construction of Madison Yards below Grand Central Station. DESI provided special inspection services for concrete, rebar, shotcrete, grout, and mortar. In addition, DESI performed foundation subgrade verification, fill placement, fireproofing, steel bolting, steel welding, and tie-back anchor inspections. Furthermore DESI performed demolition design, utility relocation design, and prepared health and safety plans.

Construction Management Services in Connection with Progress and Special Inspection

DESI was retained by the New York City School Construction Authority (NYSCA) to provide Special Inspection services for more than 30 schools throughout the Bronx. As an ISO/ASTM compliant Class 1 Inspection Agency in the City of New York, DESI’s experienced professional personnel provided the client with the highest quality, total coordination, and control of project costs and schedules from inception to completion. Special Inspection services for NYSCA include the performance of concrete, masonry, and rebar inspections on existing and new school sites and steel bolting and welding inspections in boiler rooms of existing schools in 24 hour shifts to repair faulty boiler units; and masonry inspections.

PANYNJ – Goethals Bridge Replacement

Kiewit Weeks Massman JV (KWM) has retained DESI to perform Quality Control services and provide oversight to quality of work performed by KWM. DESI provided qualified quality control personnel for concrete, rebar, and steel inspections. DESI’s in-house AASHTO accredited laboratories perform strength testing for concrete and grout, as well as gradations and proctor (standard and modified) tests for soils. As part of a broader project scope, DESI performed soil compaction field inspections, concrete water penetration tests, Schmidt hammer tests, and concrete chloride penetration tests.