Our Mission and Vision

We are a responsive, service-oriented Civil Engineering company managed by a dedicated team of engineers. We are registered as professional engineers in the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. We strive to find cost-effective solutions to any given problem. We are a small, minority, quality conscientious business enterprise. We go the extra step to obtain variances from regulatory agencies, and our engineers have significant design-build and design bid build experience for Environmental Engineering and other specialties. We are available at all times for our clients.

Our Approach

  1. Listen to our clients
  2. Understand their needs
  3. Identify resources
  4. Investigate the unknown
  5. Analyze Data
  6. Present Solutions to Clients

Our Logo

Our logo reflects our services. We are a multidisciplinary Civil Engineering firm with Distinction in providing engineering services related to Environment and Soil Engineering. We have chosen the color Green as it signifies our efforts towards a greener environment. Orange represents a widely noticeable color of soil, reflecting our specialization in Soil/Geotechnical engineering. Blue symbolizes water, an essential part of environment and soil engineering.


DESI currently employs over 25 people. For each project, employees are organized into self-contained project-teams with a senior manager of the firm as team leader. This permits effective flexibility with efficient application of manpower while maintaining the highest level of professional competence. DESI’s President is actively involved in all projects and is responsible for projects from start to completion. DESI employees are encouraged to develop professionally and maintain cutting-edge training and knowledge to keep themselves at the top of the industry. They hold degrees in engineering and/or related fields, and many of DESI’s engineers hold Professional Registrations, as well. DESI’s environmental staff is comprised of individuals with degrees in geology, hydrogeology and environmental science, including a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and a New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP). DESI has been involved in every level of environmental site assessment through remediation. DESI fully supports its professionals with health and safety training required to work on construction sites.