UST Closure
Pre- and Post-Construction Building Condition Surveys
Evaluation of Shoring System
Dewatering and Pre-treatment system design
Evaluation of Subsurface Soil, Rock and Groundwater
Vibration Monitoring
Installation and Monitoring of Inclinometer and Piezometer
Oversight of Soldier Pile Lagging Installation
Tie-back Testing


New York City Economic Development Commission, Environmental Remediation Managers (NYCEDC/ERM)

Client :

Conti Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.
One Cragwood Road
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Project Cost: $18,000,000

Project Cost: $146,000

Project Overview:

The Phipps Housing project at Courtlandt Corners in the Bronx was a brownfield redevelopment project undertaken by the NYCEDC/ERM. Distinct Engineering Solutions, Inc. (DESI) provided engineering evaluation and construction monitoring services to Conti Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. for two former underground storage tank (UST) sites that were being redeveloped as 11-story mixed use buildings. DESI performed Pre- and Post-construction Building Condition Surveys to document existing building conditions, installed crack gauges where required, and prepared reports. DESI also installed and monitored crack gauges during construction. DESI performed soil borings and collected samples to characterize subsurface soil and groundwater. Soil data was used in developing soil disposal options, and design of a groundwater pretreatment system. DESI installed five inclinometers and two piezometers. As part of construction monitoring, DESI collected data from inclinometers regularly to monitor lateral ground movement and reviewed survey data from structural monitoring points. Vibration monitoring was performed using four seismographs to measure construction-induced vibrations. DESI provided oversight during installation of auger cast H piles and installation of a lagging system and walers. DESI was responsible for performance and proof testing of tie-backs.

Private Facility/Development