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Concerns about indoor exposure to mold and biological pollutants has been increasing as the public becomes aware that exposure to mold can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions, infectious diseases, or toxic effects. The issue of Indoor Air Quality and the interrelation of fungal and microbial contamination challenge the course to remediate indoor mold amplifiers.

To assist those responsible for maintaining facilities in evaluation and correcting the problem in the event of mold growth, Distinct Engineering Solutions, Inc. (DESI) provides assessment of the extent of the moisture problem, mold growth, and mold growth associated with human health effects. DESI’s licensed mold assessor provides an approach to address potential and observed mold growth on structural materials in commercial, school, and residential buildings by developing a site-specific work plan. The work plan can provide an effective means of communication with building occupants that is an important component of all remedial efforts and overall Mold Assessment in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}.

DESI also provides preparation of work analysis for the project including minimum work standards of mold assessments, and preparation of a mold remediation plan that is specific to each remediation project. Mold Assessment in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} and mold removal services DESI provides include:

  • Recommendations for public health notice and posting requirements that are appropriate for the project size, and duration and points of entry when the project is a building that is currently occupied;
  • Pre- and Post- Remediation Assessments determining extents of mold and status of remediation with regards to the effectiveness of clean-up efforts;
  • Preparation of a Remediation Plan covering:
    • Required Personal Protective Equipment;
    • Identification of the sources of moisture that may be causing the mold and recommendations of contractors who would most effectively remedy the source of such moisture;
    • Details of the rooms or areas where the work will be performed and quantities of materials to be cleaned or removed;
    • Specific remediation methods to be used for each type of area;
    • Compliance and Clearance criteria which need to be met before a Passed Clearance and Final Status Reports are written
    • A reliable estimate of cost and an estimated time frame for completion
  • Issue to the client a written Passed Clearance report at the successful conclusion of each remediation item and a Final Status report
Mold Removal Services
Mold Removal Services

56 Leonard Street, New York, New York

DESI is providing periodic inspections during the construction phase of a 57-story residential building with approximately 144 apartments, to proactively identify conditions that could potentially lead to mold growth. Pathways for infiltration, collection, and accumulation of moisture are identified during inspections and immediately communicated with the client for rectification. Site inspections include observations and inspection of stored building and construction materials, construction activities, as well as installed building and construction materials for the presence of mold and for conditions conducive for possible mold intrusion areas. Records of observations, including photographic documentation, and summary reports are maintained.

Alexico Management Group – 400 East 67th Street, Manhattan, NY

DESI was retained by Alexico Management Group to identify potential mold issues and verify conditions in a new 30-story luxury apartment building at 400 East 67th Street, with a total of 128 residential apartments and five (5) basement floors containing parking areas, electrical and mechanical units, storage units, retail space, a fitness center, professional office space, a residential lounge, loading areas, and a medical research center. DESI performed: 1) a site walk-through to identify potential areas of accumulation of moisture and humidity that can cause mold growth, and identify areas of concern; 2) a comprehensive visual inspection and indoor air quality (IAQ) tests at each apartment and cellar area upon substantial completion; and 3) preparation of a Final Report including, If results indicated the presence of mold, providing recommendations to further minimize mold.

Mold Removal Services

Douglas Elliman Property Management – 165 Charles St. NY

DESI was retained to provide environmental and mold removal services to evaluate water damage from Super Storm Sandy and recommend measures to be undertaken to reduce potential mold and mildew issues from water damage. A site walkthrough was performed to assess visible water damage and preliminary guidelines were provided to accelerate elimination of moisture, including steps to be taken to reduce moisture from third party storage areas. A follow-up visit was conducted to assess the effectiveness of the measures taken. Upon completion of the drying process, and before implementation of repairs, DESI recommended the collection of petri-dish samples and air samples for lab testing to confirm mold growth. Based on analytical test results, additional recommendations were provided as required. DESI prepared a report presenting the observations, findings, recommendations and lab results.

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We are a responsive, service oriented Civil Engineering company managed by a dedicated team of engineers. We are registered as professional engineers in the States of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. We strive to find cost effective solutions to any given problem. We are a small, minority, and disadvantaged yet quality conscientious business enterprise. We go the extra step to obtain variances from regulatory agencies, and our engineers have significant design build and design bid build experience for Environmental Engineering in New Jersey and other projects. We will provide 24/7 Construction Inspection service to our clients if required.