Construction Administration/Management

DESI provides Construction Administration and Construction Management (CA/CM) services, as well as Construction Inspection, to clients to ensure the construction activities performed by the contractor retained for the project is accomplished on time and within allocated budget, meeting the requirements of the design, specifications and adhering to the applicable laws and regulations. Our qualified staff with diverse construction experience and knowledge will review project drawings and specifications; schedule and fee estimates; applicable laws, health and safety requirements to get familiarize with the project scope and budget and requirements for adherence to laws and regulations. Identify potential risks and rewards; make necessary recommendations to reduce risks. Our CA/CM staff will serve as a Liaison between the owner, designer and contractor. Our professionals assigned to the project will perform the following tasks:

• Review bids and qualifications of bidders including their staff, bonding, safety records, etc., and make recommendations to engage highly ranked firm for construction.

• Chair project kick-off and progress meetings, Maintain meeting minutes and do follow up actions to ensure communication between project personnel is clear and timely, clarifications to request for information (RFI), and identification and modification to necessary scope changes are in a timely manner and documented properly.

• Use project tracking tools (such as Primavera) to verify regularly utilization of resources required for project progress are adequate, identify any areas that would require improvement and communicate in a timely manner, maintain a log to track progress of work. • Utilize trained safety personnel to verify health and safety of onsite workers is in compliance with the OSHA regulations, safety and environmental quality of adjoining public is not compromised. Have necessary monitoring procedures in place to document air, noise, vibration, structural movements, as required.

• Use certified inspectors to verify material used in construction is installed properly, meeting the project specifications and industry standards. Review inspection reports in a timely manner and direct corrective actions, if any work performed is not within acceptable criteria.

• Review contractor’s invoices/payment requisition as against work progress and make recommendation.

• Identify punch-list items and follow up with contractors to complete pending work in a timely manner without leaving any loose ends such that project closeout is smooth.

Construction Management

  • Construction Oversight
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  • Pre-Construction Survey
  • Bid Document
  • Construction Specification
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